Business Licenses

Business License Policy
If you own or operate a business in Lombard, you may be required to apply for a business license. Village ordinances require certain types of Lombard businesses to purchase a license and prominently display it in the business.  This list includes, but is not limited to, the following types of businesses.  The licensing period commences the first day of July of each year and shall extend to and through the following 30th day of June.  The annual fee for each type of license varies. To view sections of Village Code pertaining to each license click on the links below.  

Massage Establishments also require a license. An application, nonrefundable filing fee of $250.00 and actual cost of fingerprinting charges are required. Please contact the Business Administrator at (630) 620-5913 prior to submitting an application. Click here to view Village Code.
Solicitor's Permit - A separate application must be completed for license or permit to engage in the business of soliciting and/or peddling.  The cost of the permit is $25.00 for 30 days.  If your organization is non-profit or charitable, please supply the Village with the latest copy of your financial report and charter. Click here to view Village Code.

Taxicab License - A Public Passenger License also known as a Taxicab License is required in order to operate in the Village of Lombard.  An application must be completed and approved by the Village Board of Trustees.  Click here to view Village Code.

Raffles - Organizations that operate raffles must complete a Raffle Registration Form.  The completed form must be submitted to the Business Administrator and approved by the Village Manager.  The raffle fee depends on the number of raffles operated by the organization per calendar year.  Please also note the Rules of Conduct for operating a raffle.  Click here to view Village Code.

If you have questions about whether your business is required to obtain a license or how much a particular license costs, please call the Business Administrator at (630) 620-5913.

Read more on Home Occupation Rules from the Village Code of Ordinances.